Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bush, tired of "hard work" of Presidency, opts for dictatorship

Remember that period during the 2004 campaign when Bush wouldn't shut up about what "hard work" it was whuppin' them terrists and keepin' us Amurcans safe? He must have said it 10 times during the debates with Kerry. Apparently it was one of those simple catchphrases that his dim intellect was capable of grasping, and he must have really liked the sound of it (it probably had a kind of exotic ring to a spoiled rich kid who never did a day's hard work in his entire life).

Since then, you can only imagine that his job has gotten even harder, what with his poll numbers in the toilet and his buddies going to jail and those uppity Congress people actually demanding the secret details of what he's been up to.

Clearly, the man isn't up to the job. Even he realizes it. And obviously, he's discovered the solution…

"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator,"
--George W. Bush, 12/18/2000

That's it! The solution to the "hard work" problem! It was right there in front of him all the time! You can forget about all that tiresome negotiating and explaining and accounting for yourself, and just lay down the law. Easy! He must have slapped himself for not thinking of it sooner.

But seriously, why should anyone be surprised that he's trying to assume dictatorial powers? He warned us before he was even inaugurated (and in fact he's said the same thing at least a couple of other times, one as far back as 1998).

Personality tests often include a true/false question along the lines of "The world would be a better place if I was in charge." A "true" answer is a powerful diagnostic for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, from which Mr. Bush clearly suffers.

The unfortunate thing is that a cornered narcissist is a dangerous animal, likely to strike mercilessly and indiscriminately to protect his fragile and threatened grandiose self-image.

God knows what he might try if he actually had to face impeachment and removal.

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