Thursday, September 29, 2005

On hate

I didn't like Bush's father. But I didn't hate him. In my college days, it was common to say we hated Nixon, but that was understandable because Nixon so obviously hated us. Bush is different; I don't believe he hates us. I just think he is utterly indifferent to anyone below what he perceives to be his stature. And it hurts to be ignored. Clinton got a lot of derision for his "I feel your pain" line, but it was possible to imagine that on some level he did; if Bush tried a line like that, it would be so obviously false and hollow that even he would realize it. After Katrina, who did he express sympathy for? Trent Lott, another rich white right-wing politician.

I hate him.

Awesome rant on Tom DeLay's indictment

Speaking of Daily Kos, this just appeared there. Apparently some Republican cheerleader (Peggy Noonan's son?) was so worked up that he was warning Democrats they were courting civil war by attempting to bring people like DeLay to justice. Read it.


This is my second go at this blog thing. Most of what I have to say can be found, said better, at Daily Kos. Check it out. Oh, and George Bush is a dangerous and evil fool. I hate him. There, I said it.