Friday, September 02, 2011

5-Hour Energy to the rescue!

I was struck by a TV commercial for "5-Hour Energy" that I saw recently. It showed a woman fighting off sleep at her desk, eventually rescued by downing a little bottle of this stuff, which I think is the typical mix of caffeine, sugar and such. Thusly perked up, she's able to get through her afternoon. What a relief! Thank you, 5-Hour Energy!

How great. She's probably exhausted from working two minimum-wage jobs to try to make ends meet, and I'll bet you she doesn't get sick days or vacation. Pension? Don't make me laugh.

The best part is, from the employer's standpoint, that she has to buy her own dope to keep going. The boss doesn't even have to provide it.

Is the whole "energy drink" phenomenon a symptom of our oppression? Nothing like making huge profits off social pathology, eh?

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