Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Odd Email Phenomenon

For the last year or two, I've been conducting a sort of informal experiment with my email. I'm kind of old-school, and while I try to keep my messages telegram-short in respect of Internet-age attention spans, sometimes a message just takes whatever it takes to communicate. Sort of like those, you know, letters from ancient times.

I've always been liberal with the use of postscripts (no, not the printing language!) in my letters. Where else are you going to put those "oh, by the way" tidbits? In fact, I confess that in my passive-aggressive mode, sometimes the most important (or controversial) part of my messages is saved for the "P.S."

Here's the deal: I can't offhand recall a single time when anybody has responded to a comment or question I've put in the postscript of an email. It's like they're invisible! This is extraordinary to me. I mean, come on, people, are you really so time-stressed that you almost unconsciously decide that anything in a P.S. can't be that important, and it's OK to just ignore?

The experiment continues, but I'm not optimistic.

P.S. Gotcha!


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