Monday, November 14, 2005

Al Gore continues to be the class act

Now he's co-founder and chairman of British-based sustainable investing company Generation Investment.

How ironic that the "loser" of the 2000 presidential race will leave a strong and positive legacy, while the "winner" is drowning in his own corruption.

On a separate subject, the stalwart Paul Krugman demolishes the idea that the "free market" is the best way to provide health insurance in today's NY Times column. As he puts it in "Health Economics 101":

"private insurance companies spend large sums not on providing medical care, but on denying insurance to those who need it most…we have a huge private health care bureaucracy whose main purpose is, in effect, to pass the buck to taxpayers…That system is now failing. And a rigid belief that markets are always superior to government programs - a belief that ignores basic economics as well as experience - stands in the way of rational thinking about what should replace it."


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